Easy To Use. Bank-Level Security.

Identity For A Mobile World

ShoCard is a digital identity that protects consumer privacy and is as easy to understand and use as showing a driver’s license. It’s optimized for mobile and so secure that a bank can rely on it.


No hard-to-remember passwords, no complicated code generators, no obscure challenge questions. ShoCard works on your phone, so it’s always at hand.


ShoCard protects and verifies identity using strong public/private key encryption with multiple keys, data hashing, out-of-band communication, data matching, and two-factor authentication.


ShoCard’s game-changing pricing means almost no marginal cost to our customers for verifying identity. Banks and others can check identity on every transaction, virtually eliminating fraud.

Secure Public Data Layer

Blockchain 2.0

The ShoCard Identity Platform is built on a public blockchain data layer, so as a company we’re not storing any data or keys that could be compromised. All identity data is encrypted and hashed then stored in the blockchain, where it can’t be tampered with.