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Authenticating Real People – Not Simply Usernames and Passwords

July 24, 2018

As our world has migrated to a collection of digital, cloud-based services, we have become more reliant on usernames and passwords, along with various forms of second–factor authentication. The stakes in authentication are high, as it serves as a gateway to valuable data used to access both workplace and personal services. Regardless of how secure the services may be, the weakest link – and target point for hackers – is usernames and passwords. After all,...

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Blockchain-based IM – a Great Ally in Preventing Data Breaches

May 3, 2018

From retail and restaurants to fitness and the sharing economy, no industry is safe from data breaches. The recent rise of data breaches is not a coincidence, but rather a side effect of the inefficient methods used to store data and share it among individuals and organizations. Blockchain technology, as an immutable ledger, provides a basis for sharing verifications of data, such as names, birthdates, credit information, etc., without storing this information within an organization’s...

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ShoCard and RF IDeas Enhance Security, Privacy, and Efficiencies in the Healthcare Industry

April 9, 2018

  On the heels of announcing its upcoming ICO, ShoCard marked its official entrance into the healthcare services industry with the announcement of its partnership with RF IDeas, a leading innovator and manufacturer of employee badge and card readers that enable innovative solutions for single sign-on, secure print, attendance tracking and other applications that require authentication. ShoCard integrated its patented enterprise solution, ShoBadge, with RF IDeas’ pcProx® Plus BLE dual-frequency reader to deploy the latest...

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Blockchain Architects: Avoid the Fatal Mistake of Choosing One

February 6, 2018

Why Your Blockchain-based Tech Solution Should be Blockchain Agnostic About a month or two ago, the game Etheremon clogged up the Ethereum network, brought transactions to a halt, and caused fees to climb astronomically. In December, Cryptokitties had the same effect as this game took over 10% of Ethereum network traffic, and as a result, also drove transactions fees up quickly.     Systems that only rely on the public Ethereum network have been constrained...

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Why ShoCard is the Premier Blockchain-Based Mobile Identity Platform

January 31, 2018

Running Ahead of the Pack The mobile digital identity market is getting crowded, and we feel it’s time we share how ShoCard is different from the others, why we claim to be the premier blockchain-based mobile identity platform, and how our products run ahead of the pack. We began building ShoCard products as far back as 2015 (which is ancient in the blockchain technology world), and they are in existence and production today. We take...

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BYOID, GDPR & More: 2018 Predictions for Identity Management

January 29, 2018

Last year was flooded with headlining news of data breaches, with organizations across the globe falling victim to massive breaches. The overwhelming frustration among consumers for the lack of control over their own information has left a void for a solution – here enters blockchain technology. Blockchain technology, as an immutable ledger, introduces a concept that was unable to be accomplished ahead of its creation and mass adoption. Identity can now be verified and exchanged...

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“Checkmate, Hackers!”– BYOID “Bring Your Own Identity” Puts YOU in Control of Your Personal Data

January 24, 2018

And why you should be asking service providers for BYOID When a friend invites you to a party and you see it’s BYOB, you know it’s probably going to be a casual, easy-going kind of event.  Whether you think it’s “bring your own bottle” or “bring your own booze” or “bring your own beer” doesn’t matter that much. What does matter is that you know you get to choose what you drink. You’re in control....

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Android Versions of ShoCard and ShoBadge Apps Now Available

January 22, 2018

Android Versions of ShoCard and ShoBadge Apps Now Available. Free Download! New versions of ShoCard and ShoBadge, the premier blockchain-based mobile identity apps, are now available for Android devices for the first time.  And they are free. ShoCard apps put you in control. With ShoCard and ShoBadge:   your identity stays locked on your mobile device you get to choose what personal information you share with service providers when you need to access a ShoCard service...

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Are you ready for GDPR? EU Could Fine U.S. Companies for Not Complying

January 17, 2018

ShoCard gives users control of their data On May 25, 2018, the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect. This regulation requires businesses (both inside and outside the EU) to change the way they store personally identifiable information (PII) on EU individuals.     This regulation applies to ANY company processing and holding the personal data of persons residing in the European Union, no matter where the company is located or where its data...

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