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Mobile Identity: What if I Lose My Phone?

February 22, 2018

Mobile identity verified on the blockchain is great.  I don’t need to remember usernames and passwords for the services I want to access.  Services and places become accessible just because I have my mobile device. I share only the parts of my identity and credentials that I want to share with whom I want to share them. Easy access. More secure. Pretty powerful.   But what happens if I lose my phone?  Will I be...

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Why ShoCard is the Premier Blockchain-Based Mobile Identity Platform

January 31, 2018

Running Ahead of the Pack The mobile digital identity market is getting crowded, and we feel it’s time we share how ShoCard is different from the others, why we claim to be the premier blockchain-based mobile identity platform, and how our products run ahead of the pack. We began building ShoCard products as far back as 2015 (which is ancient in the blockchain technology world), and they are in existence and production today. We take...

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Android Versions of ShoCard and ShoBadge Apps Now Available

January 22, 2018

Android Versions of ShoCard and ShoBadge Apps Now Available. Free Download! New versions of ShoCard and ShoBadge, the premier blockchain-based mobile identity apps, are now available for Android devices for the first time.  And they are free. ShoCard apps put you in control. With ShoCard and ShoBadge:   your identity stays locked on your mobile device you get to choose what personal information you share with service providers when you need to access a ShoCard service...

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