Blockchain security for your business.

Learn how ShoBadge can turbocharge your existing SSO.

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Eliminate Usernames & Passwords

No need to maintain central databases full of usernames and passwords that are vulnerable to breaches by hackers.

Pave the way for BYOID

Using blockchain technology, ShoBadge is able to invert identity management to be controlled by each user and shared with the workplace.

Leverage the blockchain for top security

The Blockchain is commonly used to store transaction records to track cryptocurrency ownership, however, the blockchain can store all types of information.

Easily integrated into your existing solution

Seamlessly integrates into existing identity solutions, such as Okta and Microsoft Azure, to make incorporating ShoBadge’s technology effortless. 

Go beyond the 2 factor authentication and secure your enterprise with ShoBadge's 6 factors.

Enterprises that implement this new authentication model are able to provide users with a better user experience and achieve stronger security at a lower cost.

Extend security to your enterprise's entire ecosystem.

For many enterprises, secure identity authentication needs to go beyond employees. Partners, sales-channels, contractors and even customers who log into the company’s systems can use ShoBadge to verify their identities